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Our efforts are based on the search for new and better technological solutions, giving us the opportunity to reach the full potential of our customers.

Our well-established position on the market allows us to look to the future with optimism. In our efforts, we are inspired by the experience gained in cooperation with Western partners, moreover, we take advantage of the fact that they have instilled in us a high work culture and reliability.

We use the latest manufacturing techniques and advanced 3D design support software.

Machine design is carried out on licensed Solid Works and NX software allowing us to use 3D modelling, 2D documentation in our projects.

The high quality of the products is guaranteed by the implemented ISO 9001:2015 Quality Control System


We make sure that our products combine reliability, high functionality, safety and top workmanship, which is a key issue for us. For this reason, we take great care in the optimum selection of materials and components, and carefully supervise every stage of their manufacture, which is confirmed by the implementation of the ISO 9001 quality control system.

We design our products in accordance with GMP requirements and produce IQ/OQ validation documentation on request.



We have our own design office working on the basis of CAD/CAM systems and a production department with modern machinery.

Our employees are a close-knit team of experts with diverse experience, which is the core of our creativity. Their passion and commitment allow us to develop and improve our production offer, taking care of the smallest detail of functionality and attractiveness of the products. This is one of the main guarantors of high quality machines.

Our company is successful primarily due to the exceptional skills and commitment of our employees. We focus on continuous development through specialized skill development courses based on the latest technologies, tailored to the individual needs of each team member. It is through this approach that we achieve excellence in key areas for our continuous improvement.

For whom?

We are pleased by the recognition of our domestic and foreign customers, who appreciate our efforts and praise our products. This trust has been built up over the years, as we rely on open communication in our business relationships, and we are able to listen to the customer’s needs and respond to them accurately.

NORTEC now has an international reach and our equipment is in operation in many countries in Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and the Americas.

Our customers are leaders in the pharmaceutical industry, including Bayer, Hoffman la Roche, Polpharma, LEK, Adamed, Valeant, Sanofi, Zentiva and many others.

We look forward to working with you!


They trusted us

  • POLPHARMA SA (Poland)
  • BAYER Bitterfeld GmbH (Germany)
  • ZENTIVA (Czech)
  • ACINO PHARMA (Switzerland)
  • HASCO-LEK SA (Poland)
  • ICN Polfa Rzeszów (Poland)
  • JELFA SA (Poland)
  • POLIPHARMA S.R.L. (Romania)
  • SANOTACT (Germany)
  • ADAMED Grupa (Poland)
  • F.HOFFMANN – LA ROCHE (Switzerland)
  • FERTIN PHARMA (Denmark)
  • HEMOFARM AD (Serbia)
  • ABBOTT LABs (Germany)
  • TEVA (Poland)
  • ACTAVIS (Serbia)
  • NOVARTIS (Switzerland)
  • SANDOZ (Poland)

Reasons to choose us


For years, we have focused on quality and functionality. In tandem with the above, there is ALWAYS reliability, design and efficient service. Certifications, letters of credit and trust from previous customers are the best recommendation.