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Our offer

The pharmaceutical industry makes, and we have been not only compliance with these requirements for years, but also forging new paths in optimising equipment operation, ensuring high levels of operational comfort and productivity.

Thanks to the knowledge and experience we have gained, we design high-end equipment for the pharmaceutical industry, which has proven itself in many leading corporations and is successfully implemented in others. We provide warranty and post-warranty service for our equipment We also specialise in servicing and calibration of tabletting machines, mixing equipment and pharmaceutical mills.

Reasons to choose us


For years, we have focused on quality and functionality. In tandem with the above, there is ALWAYS reliability, design and efficient service. Certifications, letters of credit and trust from previous customers are the best recommendation.



We use the latest manufacturing techniques and advanced 3D design support software in our operations.

The high quality of the products is guaranteed by the implemented ISO 9001 Quality Control System.

We have our own lab where we design new equipment, modify existing equipment and create
future designs.

They trusted us