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A special version of the polishing device with two independent polishing chambers. The machine has two polishing heads with six standard polishing holders. The handles are designed to accommodate the entire set of upper or lower punches from the most commonly used sizes of production tablet presses. Model PA300 pharma duo is a version specially designed for customers of the pharmaceutical industry. It is characterized by a very high quality of workmanship, the use of covers and construction elements made of stainless steel, the use of a control panel with a touch screen along with a clear and intuitive operating menu.


Technical specification

  number of stamps in holder number of handles included total number of stamps
stamp holder EU19 16 6 (3×2) 96 (48×2)
stamp holder EU1″ 12 6 (3×2) 72 (36×2)
stamp holder FS12 22 6 (3×2) 132 (66×2)
die holder BBS, B, BB or D 16 6 (3×2) 96 (48×2)


  • reducing the resistance in the punch guides in the tablet press die tables,
  • higher cleaning efficiency of stamps after polishing due to the higher surface smoothness,
  • reducing the tendency to stick the tablet to the punch,
  • removing traces of rust – errors resulting from improper storage and maintenance

Principle of operation

In our device, we use the well-known and proven dry polishing method with the use of a polishing medium and polishing paste. Handles with stamps are immersed and dragged in a tank filled with granules obtained from walnut shells mixed with a specially selected polishing paste containing aluminum oxide. Each holder rotates at increased speed around its axis, regardless of the rotation of the entire polishing head. Such an arrangement guarantees granulate access to each side of the stamp. The average polishing cycle lasts approx. 30-40 minutes and of course depends on the condition of the punches before polishing. The user can precisely set polishing parameters such as: total time, clockwise / counter-clockwise rotation, polishing head rotation speed. The system also controls the working time on the current granulate and informs you about the need to replace it at the right moment.

Options available

  • A system of additional dedusting nozzles,
  • Process tank cooling system,
  • Saving polishing reports to PDF files,
  • IQ / OQ qualification documentation,
  • DVD training film
  • Polishing media kits


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